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10 Fun and Insightful Workshops

That cover 10 Baby and Motherhood Topics Over 10 Months. Great tips and essential information from a mum, that you wont learn at your Prenatal Classes!

Workshops are Conducted from 7.00pm till 8.00pm at the Baby Cots Online Showroom: 20a Allied Drive, Tullamarine 3043, Victoria Australia.

Bring a Friend, Family member or your Significant other, Everybody is Welcome to have Fun and Enjoy the Information being Shared.

All Sessions are FREE and Delicious Light Refreshments will always be Served.

Your Newborn Baby
Wednesday 27th Feb 7.00pm
  • Swaddling
  • Sleeping
  • Safety
Setting up the Nursery
Wednesday 20th March 7.00pm
  • Essential Items
  • Decorating Tips
Reading to Baby – the Importance of Starting Early
Wednesday 24th April  7.00pm
  • Music and Rhyme
  • Stimulate, Soothe and Educate
Newborn and New Mother Nutrition
Wednesday 29th May  7.00pm
  • Basic Cooking Demo of 3 Super Smoothies
  • Bottle or Breast, how to choose whats Best for baby and you
  • Alternatives to commercial formula
Wednesday 19th June  7.00pm
  • The Basics, The Trials and The Unexpected Benefits
  • Dressing For Breastfeeding
  • The Right Bra
Sunlight and Baby
Wednesday 24th July  7.00pm
  • Eye Development and Increasing Sleep
  • How Sunlight Helps Baby Develop and How to do It
Bathing Baby Safely
Wednesday 28th August  7.00pm
  • Using a Bath, Shower or just a Damp Face Cloth
  • Dressing Baby
  • Clothing Safety Tips
To Dummy or not & Diaper Dilemma
Wednesday 25th Sept  7.00pm
  • Pros and Cons of Dummy use
  • Cloth or Disposable Nappies
  • Benefits of Both
Self soothing and Sleep
Wednesday Oct 23rd  7.00pm
  • Teaching Baby to Sleep During the Day and the Night
  • When to put Baby in their own Room
Taking Baby out and About
Wednesday 27th Nov  7.00pm
  • What to Take
  • How to Deal With Strangers Touching
Presenters Profile
Lara LynchI am a New mum, With a Baby Girl. As a Qualified Chef Who Specialised In Organics, Nutrition And a Holistic Approach are Very Important to me. As with Every New mum and Bub, We are on an Adventure Together and Learning so Much Every Day. Baby Cots Online and I Will Give you Some Tips and Information for You and Your Babe. I Hope You Find What I Write Helpful and Fun.



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