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My Furry Baby 1st Birthday Party

January 15, 2012

Well my furry baby Quirky had her 1st birthday party on Saturday and was joined by 18 other furry pals and parents. In usual form Mum thought it would be a great idea and not much thought went into how things would go at a dog party, but I am pleased to report the event was a big success.

Dad (Quirky-Guy) was not happy  with the idea and was thinking WHY me, but in true spirit he went along for the ride. The day started as per normal Saturday with the warehouse open for pickups and then it was home to get ready for the birthday bash at the reserve, we had Jayda pull out and then we had Honey from over the road owner say she couldn’t bring him, so he came along with us and it was great to have a spare dog for the kids that came along shared him, plus he got to get out of the yard for once.

We set up at the reserve and then everyone started to arrive and all dressed up as requested, we had PiPi in a mask, Fergus in a tux, Marshall with a black bow tie, Raven and Maddy sparkling in pink  and of course the birthday girl in a prom dress. The event was catered for by Wayne the Dog Whisperer of the west and his lovely wife and they did an amazing job. Quirky had a birthday cake for dogs, every dog then had their own cupcake and if that wasn’t enough there was a dog smorgasboard, spagetti and meatballs, beef and rice and chicken apple salad, wow it was for the dogs this party.

Once everyone was feed it was time for games, Wayne was in charge of the socialising games and they were so much fun for both dogs and owners everyone relaxed and enjoyed the party. Quirky-guy then handed out the bones to every dog and they sat with parents happily munching away.

Then sadly it was over and time to leave, everyone of Quirky’s pals got a gift bag to go, full or treats and a tennis ball, they were all full and exhausted from all the activity. My daughter still had her amazing dress intact and was so exhausted slept when we got home in the car for 3 hours and then finally came into the house and went straight to bed. I can’t recommend Waynes service enough it totally made the party and the food for the dogs was amazing, he knows what he is doing.

Our great friends Paula & Craig were so great in helping set up and doing the video and special thanks to Tania for helping include my boy Fergus in the games, he has a bad leg. Quirky got so many gifts I was in shock, what fun it was. Loved it and I think all enjoyed a fun 1st year birthday party for Miss Quirky, with a name like that she has to be special…….

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